Find A+ Mascara! Top Mascaras Reviews

I guess we’ve all heard about the effect of false lashes. Still, there’s also the butterfly effect and so-called doll lashes – they all give us a perfect dream look. Each and every woman longs for beautiful lashes to seduce with. How to make the dream come true?

Modern world offers an array of solutions such as false eyelash extensions, tinting, lifting, lamination and botox. We’re definitely spoilt for choice. Despite the overwhelming range of mascaras, it is the first beauty product we reach out for. Few women can do without it. A mascara can have various properties and – consequently – give different effects. If making lashes look longer is your priority, a lash-lengthening mascara makes the best solution. If you dream of thicker lashes, choose a lash-thickening mascara. Depending on your needs, you can also pick a curling, volumizing or precisely-combing mascara. There are mascaras in neutral colors (black, brown, gray) and products coloring your lashes blue, violet, pink or green. If you value the lash condition improvement over the visual effect or both aspects matter to you, go for lash-conditioning nutrient-rich mascaras. Arginine, soy sprout extract or wheat germ extract will regenerate the lashes, prevent their loss and stimulate their growth.

The ingredients largely affect the benefits of a mascara yet a wand is as important. A spiral brush has nylon or silicone bristles and comes in different sizes and shapes. All the criteria make for the ultimate effect.

Below, we present the reviews of the best mascaras. The properties, way of working, good and bad sides of chosen mascaras have been included. We hope the following ranking is going to help you choose a flawless mascara.

1Nanolash Mascara

Nanolash mascaras offer stunning, deep color, and stay put for long hours. Weather-proof and super resistant, the products hold back problems such as flaking or smudging to keep lashes flawless in any conditions. Plus, both the Length & Curl Mascara and Volume Up Mascara are sweat-proof, which makes them go-to products for a gym or […]

Final Grade: A+

2Lashcode Mascara

Desired effects Lashcode Mascara extends, thickens and boosts lash volume, ideally separating and precisely coating with a velvet, pitch-black color at the same time. Not only does Lashcode make lashes alluring but also nourishes them from bulbs, consequently repairing them, promoting growth and keeping them from falling out. Working Lashcode Mascara owes its complex action […]

Final Grade: A+

3Dimension de Chanel Mascara

Desired effects Dimension de Chanel Mascara is meant for thickening, extending and curling lashes. Moreover, it is supposed to separate them and consequently make the application run smoothly. Working Dimension de Chanel is designed to ensure eye make-up with just one coating, resulting in longer, thicker, fuller-looking and intensely-black lashes and bigger-looking eyes. A volume […]

Final Grade: B

4Sumptuous Estee Lauder

Desired effects Sumptuous Estee Lauder intended to increase volume of lashes, lift and thicken them without weighing down. Working The brand says that the wand – which is supposed to guarantee thickening and combing – is the asset of Sumptuous Estee Lauder. As suggested by reviews, the wand spiral gives the effect of minimally thicker […]

Final Grade: C

5Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effet Faux Cils

Desired effects Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effet Faux Cils has been designed to lengthen, thicken and curl lashes, nourishing them as well. Working YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils contains complex that coats lashes three times aiming at thickening (first coat), nourishing and curling (second coat) and setting the effects (third coat). Which of the promises […]

Final Grade: D

6Bourjois Twist Up The Volume

Desired effects Bourjois Twist Up The Volume is to add volume, extension and separation, and gift lashes with a bold color. Working Use the wand in two ways. The first position is to lengthen and comb lashes, facilitating coating throughout lashes’ length. The other position – after twisting the tip – should guarantee an intensified […]

Final Grade: E

7M.A.C. In Extreme Dimension

Desired effects MAC In Extreme Dimension aims at curling and lengthening lashes. Working MAC In Extreme Dimension Mascara was to amaze with a lightweight formula which increases volume from root to tips, curls lashes, lengthens and nourishes them. Separated, intensely-black, soft and elastic eyelashes – that was supposed to be the effect delivered by the […]

Final Grade: F