How to coat lashes to bring out their natural beauty? Best tricks and beauty hacks

Frequently, this everyday eyelash coating appears to be quite a challenge. It happens that we have the best, the most reliable mascara, yet it somehow fails us. However, flawless eyelash appearance is the core of each type of make-up. Bold, poor-looking, clumpy and coated with lumps lashes do attract attention but they don’t definitely create a good impression. In order to help eye make-up always look perfect, give a try to tricks and beauty hacks of celebrities, make-up artists and creators of the best mascaras. Here are they, all collected in one place.

1. Zigzag motion

This is an old-school trick but it’s worth dusting it off or letting into this topic those who don’t have any clue what it depends on. In short, in order to keep lashes separated, extend them, and coat them perfectly, you have to place the brush at the lash base and glide the bristle upwards applying at the same time a delicate side-to-side motion. It other words, you have to apply zigzag motion upwards reaching the tip of lashes. In this way, the mascara will coat lashes all around and they will be beautifully separated and brought out so you can boast about having this desired multi-lash effect.

2. A mascara brush IS important

Undoubtedly, the glory days of nylon mascara brushes are behind us and nowadays fewer and fewer producers decide to equip their mascaras tubes with such applicator. Silicone brushes are recognized as wonderful and worthy successors. They deliver beautiful effect in eye make-up because they are able to separate lashes precisely. Also, they are durable. It’s easy to keep it clean, and while washing the applicator, the bristle doesn’t change its shape. All things considered, while buying a mascara, pay attention to the type of applicator it goes with – whether it’s a hairy or silicone one.

3. Clean mascara brush

If you don’t want to scare your friends off having the lashes resembling spider legs, always take care of your mascara wand by keeping it clean. Wash it twice a month or, which is even better, one a week. Thanks to this, the residues of mascara won’t gather among the bristle and won’t spoil your eye make-up.

4. A small, nifty comb

If you happen to leave your lashes clumpy after coating them with a mascara, here is a solution for you. Always keep a small lash comb or a clean mascara wand at your disposal. Run through the lashes with either of the items before a mascara coat manage to dry. In this way, you will delicately separate the eyelashes and style them. Also, you will stay away from the blemishing spider leg effect.

5. Protective spoon

Coating upper and lower eyelashes with a mascara doesn’t have to be connected with smudges or stains. You don’t know how to avoid this? Here comes the solution. Just take a regular spoon and put it between an eyelid and eyelashes. This kind of shield considerably facilitates coating lashes. In short, eye make-up will be faster, more precise and won’t leave any marks on your skin.

6. Oil applied to eyelashes? Only at bedtime

It’s not only about the treatment that nourishes the hairs (many girls uses natural oils and apply them on daily basis). Sometimes, during our morning routine, we put a serum, cream or oil on the face without realizing that the products residue on lashes. They penetrate the tiny hairs making them greasy. Consequently, the mascara coats that you apply afterwards have problems with clinging to the eyelashes. This greasy surface of lash won’t hold mascara coats in such a good state as it should. After a few hours, the coats start smudging and dusting the cheeks. Therefore, before you apply mascara in the morning – make sure your eyelashes are dry and degreased.

7. An eyelash curler like no other

Everybody knows that an eyelash curler damages lashes considerably, and therefore it’s better to resign from using it completely. However, if your eyelashes are straight but you want to make them curl prettily upwards – always try to use a special lash-curling mascara wand, and right after coating use either your finger of a rolled cotton pad to press it delicately against lashes (towards eyelids). In this way, you will help the mascara get dry styling the lashes and gifting them with the shape you want.

8. Powder on eyelashes?

If you are an owner of exceptionally thin lashes, you can make them thicker using a loose powder. If you use loose mineral powder, that’s actually better for lashes because it additionally delivers nourishing properties. While powdering your face, don’t skip the small hairs. Instead, dust them with a sheer layer of mineral powder (the best choice is either rice or bamboo powder). Now, you can proceed with coating the lashes with a mascara. Boosted volume guaranteed!

9. Mascara Reload

Your mascara has dried out but you’re getting yourself ready to leave home and there is no possibility for you to rush to a shop to get a new one? This one time you can refresh it a little bit by adding a few drops of physiological saline to the tube with dried-out cosmetic. In this way, to will give a new lease of life to your mascara. Remember though that it isn’t the best idea to use reanimated mascara for long. After all, its formula changes and this might entail deleterious consequence for lashes. Just make sure that you replace the mascara with a new one.

10. Hot, hotter, the hottest!

There is yet another trick to deal with a dried-out mascara. You can make it more runny by putting the tube into a glass filled with hot water. After a while the consistency of the mascara should become more ‘pleasant’. In other words, the mascara should get runny enough to use it for effortless application.

11. Let’s do this differently, shall we?

If you want to change the looks of your lashes a little bit, you can coat them in a different way then you are used to. Namely, try to achieve the cat eye effect. It depends on adding more mascara to the eyelashes growing in the outer corners of the eyes. The lashes located near your nose should be accentuated too, but just subtly. In this way, you will give your look a new definition. This type of eye make-up looks interesting and intrigues, especially when combined with a perfectly applied dark eyeliner.

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