Lashcode Mascara

Lashcode - number one mascara

Desired effects

Lashcode Mascara extends, thickens and boosts lash volume, ideally separating and precisely coating with a velvet, pitch-black color at the same time. Not only does Lashcode make lashes alluring but also nourishes them from bulbs, consequently repairing them, promoting growth and keeping them from falling out.


Lashcode Mascara owes its complex action to the content of natural conditioning substances and a thought-out construction of a wand.

Baicalein, Vitamin E, Wheat and Soy Extracts provide lashes with moisture and nourishment, stimulate growth and hinder lash loss. The powdery pigment guarantees an exceptional, jet-black color.

A precisely-made, ergonomic brush of optimal size and shape is another asset of Lashcode. Thanks to both-side narrowing, it grasps each eyelash and coats even the shortest corner lashes with an optimal amount of the product. On the other hand, the middle part of the brush is wide making lashes impressively thick.


  • Lashcode Mascara ideally lengthens, increases volume, thickens and separates lashes,
  • precisely coats with deep blackness,
  • the ergonomic brush is easy to maneuver and reaches all lashes,
  • stays extremely long – up to 24 hours,
  • no sticking lashes together,
  • no flaking, smearing or clumping,
  • both upgrades make-up and cares for lashes to keep them healthy.


  • unavailable at regular shops (still, ordered online, it’s delivered to your door incredibly fast)

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Final Grade: A+
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