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Nanolash mascaras offer stunning, deep color, and stay put for long hours. Weather-proof and super resistant, the products hold back problems such as flaking or smudging to keep lashes flawless in any conditions. Plus, both the Length & Curl Mascara and Volume Up Mascara are sweat-proof, which makes them go-to products for a gym or work.

´╗┐Desired results

The unique spoolies in the Nanolash mascaras are made from silicone bristles and have been precisely designed to guarantee full coverage. The result? Shockingly longer or fuller lashes; ideally separated no matter which version you pick. Plus, the lightweight formulas don’t weigh down the lashes. Just one layer is enough to give lashes a deep color and definition. The effect lasts all day, even the lifting effect of the Length & Curl Mascara.


Nanolash mascaras stand out thanks to their eyelash-conditioning properties. In addition to getting you better-looking lashes, the formulas provide essential repairing ingredients to nourish them. The lengthening mascara is rich in extracts from green tea and cactus offering protective and soothing benefits.

The thickening mascara is enriched with wheat oil to moisturize and protect the lashes.

The mascaras also contain gum arabic, rice wax and carnauba which work by enveloping eyelashes with a protective layer. The formulas are also rich in panthenol with hydrating and soothing effects.


  • perfect lash separation
  • long-lasting makeup without flaking
  • all-day wear
  • freedom when creating makeup looks
  • weather-proof formula
  • nutrient-rich vegan mascara
  • easy application thanks to well-shaped spoolie brush


  • only black shade is available

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Final Grade: A+
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