Non-invasive ways to make your eyelashes stunning

All women dream of having beautiful and sky-high eyelashes. Undoubtedly, this dream is easy to make it come true even by those women who weren’t born with such lashes. Luckily, there are many non-invasive tricks for getting stunning lash hairs. Are balanced diet, skilful makeup removal and castor oil enough? How to choose and apply an eyelash serum and a mascara? How to take care of and style eyelashes?

Methods for having pretty lashes: balanced diet

The primal function of eyelashes wasn’t to beautify our faces. Their paramount goal was to protect the delicate structures of eyes against impurities such as dust and specks.

Eyelashes are composed of a bulb and a hair shaft. Their lifespan lasts approximately 100 days. To grow out, they need peptides, microelements and vitamins that can be found in products rich in B-group vitamins, zinc, iron and magnesium. Alternatively, you can take vitamin supplements.

Methods for having pretty lashes: how to choose and use eyelash serum and mascara?

To help our lashes remain or become healthy, you just have to follow a few basic rules.

Firstly, a mascara that you use should contain nourishing and reinforcing properties. Refrain from waterproof mascaras because removing such cosmetic weakens eyelashes considerably. Secondly, making lashes ready for coating as well as the technique used to apply a mascara play a really important role:

  1. Before applying the first coat, it’s advised to powder eyelashes delicately.
  2. Mascara has to be applied after precise lash cleansing and freeing them from the residues of oily creams and old mascara coats. Thanks to this, you can prevent both the coats and lashes themselves from crumbling.
  3. The application of mascara should take place in the following order: start from the base of lashes and wiggle the brush upwards. Before coating lashes with another layer of mascara, wait until the already-applied coat gets dry. Otherwise, you can create lumps which lead to clumpy lashes. Moreover, eyelashes have to be coated delicately so as not to overburden them and worsen their condition.

Another eyelash cosmetic that should be used regularly is a nourishing serum. An effective eyelash serum makes lashes thicker and voluminous; it’s also responsible for stimulating bulbs.

Methods for having pretty lashes: how to take care of and style eyelashes?

In order to style eyelashes, you can go for an eyelash curler that when used skilfully, it won’t surely do damage to the lash hairs. Obviously, you shouldn’t use it on mascaraed lashes because this cause a high risk of breaking the hairs and even losing them. Therefore, if you want to curl eyelashes that are already coated with a mascara, reach for a clean brush and put it to the wet lashes. Do it really gently and then start pressing the lashes towards your eyelid, yet don’t touch the eyelid.

Sparse and weak eyelashes can be made thicker due to using a few makeup tricks. Thanks to this, neither the application of false extensions nor intensive coating will be necessary. All that you have to do is drawing a thin line using a dark-coloured eye pencil. Then, smudge it gently using a dedicated brush. If you want to gift your eye with natural look, you can also add an eye shadow. A similar effect, yet more spectacular, can be achieved due to eyeliner. Still, flawless application of an eyeliner requires experience.

The sequence in which eye makeup is done also matters. Start from:

  1. Concealer
    and then move to:
  2. Loose powder that you use to dust the eye skin area delicately (if you use a special type of eyeshadow base, you can skip this step).
  3. Eyeshadows or other colour cosmetics.
  4. Mascara (since you use it as the last, you avoid the problem of applying colour cosmetics among already styled eyelashes).

Methods for having pretty lashes: makeup removal

Eye makeup removal is a crucial element of beauty routine. After all, if you apply makeup every day then you remove it every day. You shouldn’t sleep with coated eyelashes because right in the morning you may find most of your lashes being broken.

Makeup removal has to be carried out really delicately because intensive rubbing of eyelids may have a disastrous result. Therefore, before reaching for either face gel or mousse, damp a cotton pad with a special lotion designed for eye makeup removal. To help the preparation dissolve the mascara, keep the cotton pad pressed to an eyelid for approximately 10 seconds.

Moreover, you shouldn’t maneuverer near the lashes that are hard due to mascara coats because styled lashes are more prone to mechanical damages. Once the precise makeup removal is done, you can apply an under eye cream. Don’t rub it but delicately pat it using the finger tips – both skin area and eyelashes are really delicate. For that reason, rubbing isn’t recommended.

Methods for having pretty lashes: castor oil

Castor oil can fix the problem of weak and sparse eyelashes. To see the healing power of this natural oil, it’s worth equipping oneself with a clean mascara brush. The oil has to be applied at bedtime – after removing makeup and applying an under eye cream. The easiest way to apply castor oil is to drown the brush into it and remove the excess of oil by running one side of the brush against the edge of the container. Now, you can apply the oil to your eyelashes. It’s suggested repeating the procedure every day for a month. Then, the frequency can be reduced to two times per week.

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