Sumptuous Estee Lauder

Desired effects

Sumptuous Estee Lauder intended to increase volume of lashes, lift and thicken them without weighing down.


The brand says that the wand – which is supposed to guarantee thickening and combing – is the asset of Sumptuous Estee Lauder. As suggested by reviews, the wand spiral gives the effect of minimally thicker lashes, which may be a benefit for the natural make-up fans. The lash separation isn’t the mascara’s strong side either – it tends to make lashes clumpy.

The formula containing lightweight lash-thickening fibers was to guarantee the effect of lash lift and curl. Interestingly, none of the users said anything about this feature of the mascara. Lack of opinions – positive or negative ones – makes us doubt this quality.


  • Sumptuous Estee Lauder is suitable for contact lens wearers,
  • it has no scent (which isn’t comfy for some users),
  • minimally thickens for a natural lash look.


  • clumps lashes together,
  • fails to add volume,
  • dries quickly,
  • minimally thickens,
  • hard to take off,
  • flakes and falls on cheeks,
  • no WOW effect,
  • a very high price.
Final Grade: C
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