Eyelash serum – which one to choose?

Eyelash serum is a product almost as popular as mascara – it has become a cosmetic must-have and may remain in make-up bags for long. It is no wonder as the effects are spectacular – our lashes become long, thick and dense. Eyelash serum is something more than false lashes imitating natural hair. It works on your natural lashes that grow beautiful like never before supported by the care ingredients of the highest quality. The market is full with many serums of different types. How do you choose the best one? Read our guide.

Which eyelash serum to choose – a guide

How to choose the eyelash serum that will actually provide you with stunning results? It turns out that it’s not difficult as long as you keep in mind 4 important rules:

1. Always check the reviews about a product before buying it

Even though serums are relatively new cosmetics on the market, it has already been tested by loads of women. On the basis of their opinions and tests, rankings and posts have been created. That’s why it’s always good to check which eyelash serum is considered the best and what are the opinions.

2. Don’t get attracted by a low price

Unfortunately, a good-quality serum costs about a same price as a popular mascara. The cheaper ones contain a smaller amount of strengthening ingredients that don’t work on the bulbs as efficiently, a low quality applicator – it happens that the conditioner drips off the eyelids and gets into the eye. The best serum quickly penetrates into the skin (it is applied to the eyelid just behind the eyelash line) and requires the use of a very small amount of the formula.

3. Check the composition

Did you know that most of the nourishing ingredients in the serums do not really improve the look of eyelashes? The task of a good serum is to strengthen the hair bulbs and place them more firmly in the follicles as well as stimulate their growth. In general, keratin should not be included in the composition because it can block the growth of eyelashes and make them fragile and brittle. A good idea is to support the effects of the conditioner with a properly selected mascara that can additionally nourish and protect the hair. Remember that the shorter the composition, the better.

4. Avoid eyelash serums with a brush

Eyelash serums with a traditional brush neither strengthen nor enhance the eyelashes growth. Such products usually only protect from harmful effects of external factors (frost, sun, wind). They resemble conditioning mascaras, that’s why such serums are rarely encountered. Eyelash serums with a tiny and precise brush are incomparably better.

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