M.A.C. In Extreme Dimension

Desired effects

MAC In Extreme Dimension aims at curling and lengthening lashes.


MAC In Extreme Dimension Mascara was to amaze with a lightweight formula which increases volume from root to tips, curls lashes, lengthens and nourishes them. Separated, intensely-black, soft and elastic eyelashes – that was supposed to be the effect delivered by the mascara. What’s more, the producer describes MAC In Extreme Dimension as a clump-free, flake-free and smudge-proof mascara. What’s the truth?

In reality, MAC Mascara leaves eyelashes clumpy and smudges eyelids. According to popular opinions, it is a definite drawback of the product yet not the biggest one. Not giving spectacular results is the heaviest sin of In Extreme Dimension. Is there anything worse than invisible mascara on your lashes?


  • MAC In Extreme Dimension lasts long,
  • an optimal wand,
  • no flaking off.


  • irritates eyes and gives a burning sensation,
  • clumps lashes together,
  • gets on eyelids,
  • no WOW effect,
  • extremely easily-damaged tube,
  • a high price.

Final Grade: F
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